Yemi Alade Music Video for #TumBum Coming Soon

She seems to be the queen of African music right now and what sets her apart is the fact that she just refuses to stop. Her music is on the rise and her name on the lips of everybody who loves African sounds and beats.

Yemi Alade never shy’s away from giving us her very best authentic self and could very well be one of the main factors why she is so fresh and relevant on the industry radar. Her latest offering, “Mama Africa” speaks exactly to who she is but also to the women of Africa by saying, don’t be afraid to take your place as the heart of Africa.

With all that said, it never hurts to make new music and even more exciting, we are always waiting for the latest and greatest music video! Yemi is currently working on the video for Tum Bum, a track from the Mama Africa album, and we are super anxious to see what our beautiful African queen has got in store for us.

Keep your eyes on this space for the new video coming soon!