Wololo By Babes Wodumo In Copyright Saga

The jam we have been jamming to for the past few months has been taken down on Youtube after it had reached 2 million views since its release due to a copyright case. Mausay Records has laid a copyright claim against the title “Wololo” because an artist signed to them, Wyzle, had also released a song titled Wololo in December 2015. After failed attempts of receiving any comment from West Ink Records, Babes manager Victor Dlokolo has finally responded to the claims.

As per his response :”If you search for Wololo on YouTube, how many Wololo’s come up?

Apparently Victor was also skeptical regarding the timing of the complaint: “Why only now? Why only after we hit 2 million views on YouTube? Just look at the timing.”

The music industry is so big and artists are using more or less the same titles to songs due to what is being hyped up or trending at that very moment. Who wouldn’t be skeptical about the claims as well after Babes has accomplished so much after the release of her song. Should song titles be claimed? Do you think if it was a small time artist the claims would have been there?

Stream Wyzle‘s song also titled “Wololo” produced by Bemshima below.