Welcome to SA music, Liyanna B!

She is Liyanna B and she represents young, proud women across Africa – women who are intent on leaving an impression wherever they go, whatever their positive mission may be.

And we love that stance!

Listening to her aunts’ sing from as far back as she can remember, Liyanna B was immersed in the fact that music was what she was going to use to tell the world her story. Her multicultural roots have been a huge influence in her amazing songwriting style.

Her passion then turned into a reality when she did her thing on Portia Luma’s (Cape Town DJ) hit single, Ubomi. The vocals are indeed fire and this is why Liyanna B is about to make waves!

 “These are beautiful highlights that I am so grateful for. Hearing my voice on the airwaves and having people respond to this piece of me that I have shared about my life, is something all of us can relate to. It is my dream to work with the pathfinders and the veterans whom I know will continue assisting me to build Liyanna B as a songwriter & vocalist. As I like to say, It’s Showtime!”.

Stream and download below