Video – UOK By Nasty C

“I spent so much time looking for you in everything and everyone you left behind, till I realized that the first place I should have looked was in my heart. I love you, angel.”

Nasty C just released some touching visuals for one of his tracks off Bad Hair Extensions titled ‘UOK‘. The song was dedicated to his late mother and has actually touched many lives in Mzansi. Here, we see the young fella pouring his heart out about how he wish his mom was still around but glad that she also able to see how much of a star he’s become.

“You done got yourself a halo, you’re looking over everything now. Mama I done turned into a star now…”

The video was shot by Emilie Badenhorst around the Cape Town beaches and train station and was edited by Nana Chehore & the rapper himself.

This track lowkey reminds us of 2 Pac’s ‘Dear Mama’! Please do check it out, we dedicate this one to all the listeners who have also lost a loved one.

“Mama you okay now, you safe now.”