Video – Alter Ego By Priddy Ugly

Can we all agree that the East of Johannesburg is beasting? Everytime Kempton hailed Priddy Ugly drops something for the people, it’s  a movie!

On this interlude Priddy Ugly‘s alter ego battles it out with his everyday side . It’s frankly the flossin’ and stuntin’ typa anthem. Whichi 1080 is wizard crisp on production and Priddy Ugly laced some mean swaggy fresh lines on the sick production. ” I dare you say my rapping is weak/N*ggah my rapping’s on fleek, I open the menu to amateur feed/but sh*t, I got some rappers to eat/Shoot, I spit bullets, you want proof,take off your jacket and see“. How daring is that?

The video is also captivating, shot at a rather simple background setup however the angle technics and the graphics are of exceptional standard. Some dope scenes are the freeze frame of Priddy‘s high jump and where he floats on air. One could easily assume that these concepts are an influence from Kendrick‘s ‘Alright’ and Anatti‘s ‘Jump’ videos. To bring alive the two personas, we see both the swagged out alter ego and the everyday side of Priddy ugly in the same frame.

The tricky part though is the interview sample clip in the beginning of this video (it was not on the original interlude). I cannot work out why he included it, what message he was aiming to highlight nor where he got the clip from. Perhaps you’ll figure it out!

The video is produced by Mohau Mamafha, Directed by Armsdeal and shot by Cidex films

Watch below