Top 5 Downloads Of Last Week

This week we had a couple of releases in and out of Mzansi, a few collabs and lots of jams we pulled a couple of dance moves for. But it looks like everybody was on some A-Reece buzz which is quite exciting as the artist has spent quite a lot of time working on himself as a brand. Touche? Nah. It’s called showing the world what you’re made of and he definitely did referring to the popular downloads for the week. Not forgetting other artists who took the top download spots for the week such as FlexVonDoom & Tara. We’re loving what these artists are doing in terms of creativity and originality. But again, if you don’t believe us; please do check out the Top 5 Downloads:

1: BTE By FlexVonDoom
2: Eyes On Me By Tara (Ft. ThaRealCardo)
3: Meanwhile In Honeydew By A-Reece
4:Touche By A-Reece
5: Don’t Bother By A-Reece