Top 5 Downloads Of last Week.

Second half of the year and the music charts are still elevating. We see our lyrical giants giving us music for soul, music for the heart and most importantly, music for every mood. This week we were in the woods with with some heavy love jams on amazing instrumentals. We have Uno July who continuously elevates on every single track he delivers; Scoobynero a South African based Nigerian artist who gives us a sequel to Washkalakunda; Maxhoseni who never fails to get our hearts pumping with his heart felt jams & Yemi who’s given us a sweet Swahili version of her amazing love jam. The list goes on but clearly you as listeners enjoyed the music this week, here’s your Top 5 Downloads for the week :

1: Rratatata By Scoobynero
2: Nakupenda By Yemi Alade (Ft. Nyashinski)
3: Ebusuku Nasemini By Maxhoseni (ft S’celo Gowane)
4: In The Woods By Abstract
5: Isukile By Uno July (ft. SimmySimmyNya)