Top 5 Downloads of Last Week

The last of week of June ended off with a bang and all thanks to the amazing new sounds we received from Mzansi’s artists. Not sure if it’s only us, but it seems as if these new cats are bringing out so much energy and determination in the industry. The amount of effort and work these guys put in to produce tracks on a daily is evident & as listeners, we appreciate this. Sometimes it’s not about the money today but the rather the rewards of knowing yourself & who you are in the industry; nor ‘bebengakanani’ (how many people there were) when you started out. It’s about the end goal for your pocket, you know? But here’s your Top 5 downloads for last week just in case you want to rigorously hear it yourself:

!: Rigorous By DJ Zan-D (Ft. Reason)
2: Money Today By Flame (Ft. A-Reece)
3: Bengakanani By Skitzz
4: For Your Pocket By Peruzzi (ft. LK Kuddy)
5: Know Yourself By Danger Power Ranger