Top 5 Downloads Of Last Week

It’s been quite a busy week in the music industry as it was the SAMAs this past weekend but as usual, we have your Top 5 downloaded jams for the week. We had a taste of some Scooby Snacks which by the way is pretty sick, making rounds & rolling with people we don’t know, as well as a young freestyle nyana. Do yourself a favour and check these jams; the artists aren’t playing as they keep bringing the heat this winter which means you cannot complain about the weather when you have these jams on your playlist! Catch up with the grooves below and don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend, enjoy!

1: I Don’t Know By Dj Speedsta (ft. Frank Casino, Zoocci Coke Dope, J.Molley)
3: Rolling By Khumz (ft Aewon Wolf)
4: Round By OhGooch (ft. L.E.O & Tarshni Auraurian)
5: Sick By Doms
And if you missed the SAMAs, do check out the link below with all the gist and list of winners for 2017.