Top 5 downloads for the week:

We’re hope you’re feeling like Floyd in this May weather because another week has gone by but the music doesn’t stop coming in. Couple of pop jams in the new month and well it’s safe to say that driveway’s now have their own anthem. This week it seemed like many listeners were taking interest in the new artists in the game and we’re happy about this as it means we’ll get to jam to different sounds from now on. We’re not sorry about the amazing music because it’s so good. Here’s your Top 5 and don’t forget to catch up if you’re still stuck in April:

1) My Own By Moz Kidd,
2) Sorry By Ab Crazy ft. The Fraternity
3) Driveway Music By Frank Alabama ft. Toby Trill
4) The Pop Song By Tony ft. Sandy Murks
5) So Good By Psyc ft. Vuyo Renene, Simmysimmynya, Fonzo & Hunter Rose