Top 5 Downloads For The Week:

Another week and guess what we’re doing, yes we’re taking a look at the Top 5 downloaded songs for the week. The past week we saw a lot of new music from the young hip hop cats in the game and well, what’s there to say when their lyrics say it all? Chad is back in the game and so is Uno July, with their new tracks you wouldn’t say they’ve been away for sometime. Also, something different this week, we see many took a liking to Shane Eagle’s new jam, and we love it when artists double drop with an audio & video. If you haven’t caught up, please do so under the following links; no long distance vibes with us, we want you here! Here’s your Top 5:

1: F U By Chad ft Youngstacpt
2: Julia By Shane Eagle
3: What Happened to You By ShabZi Madallion (ft. JimmyWiz & One Shaman)
4: Guess What i’m doin By Uno July ft Reason
5: Long Distance By Sarkodie (Ft. Benji)