Top 5 Download Of Last Week

t’s been a eventful week but the highlight of it all, excuse us B3nchMarQ, was definitely Mandela Day. Like every other year, everybody in Mzansi does their bit in lending a hand and helping out the less fortunate, in honour of the legendary Nelson Mandela. Again, as a music platform, it’s only right for us to play our part by passing on amazing music! This week’s downloads included some Western music by Ric Hassani but as usual, local took the cut; with the likes of Tellaman, Nasty C, Da L.E.S., Erick Rush on our playlists, it was surely a great vaaarb! As listeners, you orchestrated the Top 5 Downloads for the week, so take some time to reflect on some of these undying talents

1: MAMA By Ric Hassani (ft. Sonyezo x Tay Grin)
2: S.A.P By Tellaman (ft. Nasty C & Da L.E.S)
3: Whatchu Lookin At? By Nino Fresko
4: Nelson Mandela By Erick Rush x Purffy x King Grizzy
5: HighLight By B3nchMarQ