Tbo Touch & Gareth Cliff – The new ‘Touch Central’

Well, what do you think about the newest online music channel, launched by Gareth Cliff and Tbo Touch – Touch Central?

The two forces in entertainment broadcasting have come together to bring us a 24-hour music channel which will be focused on the local music of course and has amazing DJs, mainly female. There  are some rumours that the infamous DJ Khaled, will also be hosting a weekend show on this space which could boost the prestige of this show to the next level.

Gareth Cliff has been doing some dope things on Cliff Central and joining forces with Tbo Touch can be nothing but valuable.  We like the feisty of Mr. Cliff paired with the danger of Mr. Touch and we can see that this collab is going to be nothing but interesting and most definitely epic!

Touch Central is set to release in about one month’s time and we are waiting with baited breath as these two rocks the decks, rock the mic and probably break the internet!

All the best G & T!