SAHHA Nomination List For 2016

So it’s finally arrived, the highly anticipated nomination list for the annual South African Hip Hop Awards for 2016. The event which will be taking place on the 14th December at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City City (Johannesburg). This is one of the greatest platforms for hip hop artists to see their performance and calculate their achievements over the past year from September of the previous year to September of the current year.

The show will be broadcasted by ETv as well and tickets are on sale for those wanting to attend the event.

The nomination list goes as follows:

Cw-acPtWgAAoBaP Cw-aF_-WgAAjVcz Cw-arSOWEAEsH-9 Cw-dNtdXgAA-QdB Cw-eLbcWEAIksrC Cw-elPMWQAEznrz Cw-fH2SXcAIlIL4 Cw-V8dgWEAApH1I Cw-VJxPXUAA05jW Cw-W9UQXAAA59rS Cw-WqBIXUAAAFFF Cw-X0IMXgAAnhgl (1)  Cw-XQxPWgAAgX8O Cw-YA3jXUAQfiq7 Cw-YmtOWgAAM7I8 Cw-Z8a_WEAAsdb1