Riky Rick Leaves Mabala Noise

Remember that victorious moment we commended Riky Ricky for the speech he made at the #MMA16? He preached some “truth” as many put it and this left tongues wanging. In his own words he calls the speech he made at the Metro awards “a moment of clarity”.

Not so long after Riky made that speech that things seemed to be heading downhill for the “Sidlikotini” rapper. Yesterday, he made a not so detailed twitter thread announcing his departure from Mabala Noise.

Riky Rick went to further rely an under toned message on the state of the affairs and perhaps supporting the circulating the rumours that some of his assets have been repossessed by the label. “They have taken back everything they think makes me happy. They have threatened the future of me and my family. They want us gone.” says Riky on twitter.

So far, there hasn’t been any word from Mabala Noise and things seem to be running as per usual from their side. There are still some uncertainties until we hear two sides of the story, that’s if Mabala noise will ever voice out their side of the story.

On the positive side, fans showed massive support and promised to always have Riky‘s back.