Rheebongs iLokishi Album Is Out

Cape Town Rapper and M4M Records founder Rheebongs addresses a few issues in #iLokishi

With only a few Hip Hop artists from Cape Town making waves in the mainstream, Rheebongs is convinced that the industry owes him an ear. Following his previous singles Breath, Linda Mkhize, a song dedicated to ProKid, Rheebongs dropped Jam 2 This, an official promo song for iLokishi. Rheebongs released his long awaited album titled #iLokishi on the 31st March 2017. The Album released under his M4M Records is available on iTunes, Bozza.mobi, Amazon and other digital stores.

iLokishi is a story telling Album, the name says it all. With the current state of Hip Hop in South Africa being all about dabbing, Rheebongs is here to testify that real raps still exist. In this album Rheebongs worked with some of the finest Producers from Cape Town like Mashonisa, Sbu, 1st Ghost Beats, Le KlaSick Rhythmz and Mananz, who produced a few songs for Proverb.

Rheebongs has started his iLokishi tour with a number of shows where he will be performing in Cape Town for the month of April and touring in Mpumalanga and Johannesburg for the month of May.

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