Music – The Meters (March Freestyle 2017) By Reason

The Meters” is a perfect example of what I’d been asking for in our rap/hiphop music. Reason blends the current sound that’s appealing to our generation and still brought on his lyricism and content that ACTUALLY has a profound subject matter. What’s intriguing is that he delivers his verses in that catchy vibe fitting to the production, so frankly anybody can vibe to this one. The Boyz Upstairs did a good job on the boards.

The word “meters” is slang meaning “millions” and also a simultaneous play on the measurement for land.

Reason dropped this number as a March 2017 freestyle. Interesting enough, it is also a sound track to a locally produced South African Movie “Kalushi” that premiered in cinemas last week. Both the trailer and music video have premiered as well. He also took the time to take us through how he composed the song on a mini docie.

Listen here