Reason Talks On Love Girls Album, Working With The Boyz Upstairs & Being The Best Rapper Alive.

We recently sat down with Bump The Cheese Up hitmaker, Reason, who gave us a little more insight on the making of his recently released 5th album titled ‘Love Girls‘. You might be familiar with a couple of tracks off the album but allow us to get more technical about the entire project.

The album was basically composed of monologues of the different type of girls the rapper has either been involved with or come across; which is why this album is literally a storybook or rather ‘movie‘ which clearly describes his emotions and actions. It also touches on different expressions such anger, ignorance, happiness etc. and that is just the whole bubble of what the album is about – a conversation about women.

The fourteen track album includes features from many of Mzansi’s best such as Gemini Major, Kwesta, Moozlie, Moneoa, Mr Beef just to name a few. Many would say he picked the best to get numbers, but he explains to us how many of these artists were literally always around him and it just made sense to get them on some of the tracks.

Back to the base – the production! He speaks about the collaboration with The Boyz Upstairs who nailed the album, like how do you add so much spice on every single track?! The boys really went all out on trying to prove to us how big of a brand they’re becoming through the degree work put in throughout the album. As we all know, Reason as a creative jumps on any beat including trap but we see him on a more sombre production which escalates from track one to fourteen.

Our favorites in no particular order:

1) PDYCM, Pt 2
2) All The Time
3) Celebrity
4) The Girl Upstairs

5) Lovey

“Yes I understand the contradiction’s enormous, it’s quite a common thing whenever a man is just honest. And I’m just telling you f- up isn’t obvious, it happens to the best of us from rappers to us pastors.

We see Reason at his most vulnerable level, with emotions playing around including empathizing with each girl he paints a picture of. Without question, you can hear how much of a true story the album is; not forgetting to place spotlight on the instrumentals.

Minimalistic, tailored, upbeat, rhythmic, truthful are just some of the words used to describe the project. Honestly, we cannot wait to see visuals.

Sidenote – what if the whole album was visualized as a short film or doccie? Something to think about!

Again, who other than Reason to touch base on this topic? Please check out the session and don’t forget to get with the program and download the album! Watch full interview below.