Project – Look At NYA By Simmysimmynya

Look At Nya” is a look in to the life of Simphiwe Peta, formerly known by his stage name simmysimmynya.

The project is a sort of introspection in to the multiple personalities encompassing simmysimmynya. It highlights his diversity whether in his lyrical dexterity in English or native tongue of isiZulu, the contrasting subject matters ranging from being lit at the night show, to fighting internal demons that go hand in hand with growing up as a young black South African and an overall sonic experience.

Look At Nya dispels misconceptions of the artist, a major one being that nya is a trap artist. The project will include a few of the artists’ different inspirations ranging from Pop, RnB and the massive umbrella which is hip hop which includes the trap and the boom bap styles etc.

Look At Nya shows you the story behind the scenes. All the music on it is based on real life experiences. People who don’t know you only know what they see on social media which can obscure perceptions. This is where the separation between Simphiwe and simmysimmynya comes in. The success of your alter ego does not equate the success of your life as a whole. The project aims to lay bare some of the trials and tribulations faced by Simphiwe as opposed to the success being generated by nya.

The music industry is starting to take notice of nya and it feels like people are watching the steps he takes. People see nya in a different light to the one he sees himself in. This project serves to show that:

what it be and what you see, when you’re looking at me, ain’t the same, my life ain’t nothing like what it seems

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