Priddy Ugly Now An Ambitiouz Entertainment Artist

We have been saying that the boy is underrated and needs to find a place where he can bust out, mainstream. Well, now it’s been confirmed – He has found a home at Ambitiouz Entertainment!

The label took to Twitter to welcome the artist to their stable this morning, which I’m sure caught loads of people by surprise since there has been very little attempt from their side to clarify all the unfounded allegations.

Just recently, quite a few artists from the Ambitiouz Entertainment label, had packed up their belongings and left at the speed of light, so any new artist coming in just beckons the question – Will this relationship last?

Basically, we have no idea, but we wish Priddy Ugly all the best in this crazy industry. He has been hitting it hard by remaining original and building a diverse body of work with great collaborations.