P S Quint Talks On Tawanda EP, Working With MarieChan, Bolo J, Cosher & More

Gilbert Froux from the MS team recently sat down with one of Mzansi’s hottest upcoming artists, Tawanda aka P S Quint. It was a very hot insightful interview as we got to understand some of the aspects which goes into making his music and the opportunities he was fortunate to grab on time in making his EP.

He speaks about his EP titled Tawanda, which initially is his name. We see many artists using their names as titles but very few who can actually execute their ‘vibe’ or rather, their uniqueness throughout the playlist. We also tapped in on his feature with Mariechan and how it all went down from performing with her to being in studio with her.

As a local artist, Quint doesn’t only vibe in one city but spreads out his wings into other cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria where he met Bolo J. The two hit up about 4 tracks all in one day and also worked with a Gauteng based producer, Dr Jazz.

We tried to pick his brain and find out where he gets his inspiration from & if he follows the same routine as many rappers out there; because as you know there are stereotypes about the genre. We got some interesting facts including that he writes about his own daily struggles rather than trying to tap into a world which lasts for a minute, if you get what I mean.

“My life itself is an inspiration to myself…”

But that’s not all, Quint pulled out a surprise for us, well not exactly us, but you as a listener and fan ; Quint has surprisingly announced that he’ll be putting out his EP Tawanda FOR FREE as in MAHALA, on Mzansi Stream!

The EP will be available for a selected period of time on MS, so please keep your eyes and dial ready for when we bless you with the hottest, actually, freshest EP on the streets. Also, keep your ears open for Quint’s performance and media tour dates!

If you don’t believe any of this, please stream the interview below and hear it from the horses mouth! Again, Tawanda is available on iTunes as well, just in case.
Local is lekker, Woza and spread the word.

Issa vibe!