Differences: The Extended Play by Gated Community Music Group artists Parry Picasso alongside Chizzy is an E.P that can be seen as the most recent chapter in their lives and how their views differ. An E.P more for the chill and not so much for the turn up, more for the late night under the covers listener or for those chilled drives. Considering the fact it was a ‘rushed’ project from the two artists, it lives up to the expectations. With smooth mixing and content more on ‘feeling’, it’s the perfect blend of music for the modern listener and with melodies and elements inspired by R&B, the more mature listener will also vibe to it

With only four tracks, ‘Differences: The Extended Play’, seems that it lacks content but don’t be fooled. Listen to it and realized it all happened in one night. Differences: The Extended Play (Prod. By Ill Major)