Nasty C Bad Hair Album Fails to Launch

So what was supposed to be the album of the year, and be launched today, 23 September 2016, has now been delayed… Yes, without much of an explanation it seems.

Nasty C is one of the hottest hip-hop musos on the SA scene right now and his fans have been waiting in anticipation for months pending the release of his new album, Bad Hair. The album initially had no release date and when the announcement was made that Bad Hair would drop on 23 September 2016; The crowd went wild!
And then this happened…

And then his ‘fanily’ responds…

So, Nasty C’s fanily has spoken and want to know if this is all a very well-orchestrated marketing tactic – Could it be, though?
Has the Mabala noise influence sparked some fire within the camp, having their newly signed artist become feistier?
All of this at the end of the day could very well be completely legit (even though the mention was made very late last night) and Nasty C could be really sad about not sticking to his release date and in turn disappointing his fans.

All we would like to know is – Are we still obliged to stick to the ‘Bad Hair’ we have been keeping?