Music – Last Friday By Titen the Moor

The Durban born rapper ‘Titen the Moor‘ has been taking his time to cultivate his sound after his debut EP ‘The Son of the Pharaoh’s Son’ and making an appearance on Robin Thirdfloor’s ‘Sounds Empty Pockets Make however now he is back with a new single titled ‘Last Friday

Last Friday takes a dive into the rapper’s thoughts with his father opening up with some words which seem to be a conversation about reminding him of his mother’s birthday.

The rapper makes us aware of his mindset talking all things spiritual,fashion and what fascinates him but with such edge that at first listen you might just miss it and be caught singing along and bopping your head to the catchy chorus

Last Friday is a single off Titen’s upcoming mixtape ‘Moorish Behaviour’ which is due to be released soon. Stream below