Music – It Feels Like Peer Pressure By Diz (ft. Bino)

Diz has dropped his third single for the year after the online success of Bazooka and in preparation for his upcoming EP, Mixtape Nyana 2. The song is called Peer Pressure which features Bino on the first verse. It has a different vibe from Bazooka and most of his music in general.

The instrumental is produced by himself which has a smooth organ and moog playing in the background. It almost sets the scene for a parody of a band playing music at black tie event for rappers. The lyrics are made up of him talking about everything he does that isn’t constructive just to have fun with the guys which “Feels like peer pressure

The Double EP is set to drop as physical copies only on the 7th of November. It will include Bazooka, Stream below.