Music – Enslaved God By ShabZi Madallion

A name not unfamiliar to you, ShabZi Madallion, recently released a new jam titled ‘Enslaved God’. The track actually has a little bit of a story to it with regards to the amazing instrumentals.

Basically he had lyrical content for the longest of time with no beat until one day he listened to Kid Fonque’s show. The show ended off on instrumentals produced by Seige Monstracity titled Swahililand’. Initmidation was there alright, but ShabZi sucked it all in and hit up Seige, next thing we have a freestyle on an international producer’s beat! How dope?

The song in a nutshell touches on the evolution of the concept of God and our collective relationship to ‘him’, the word, the concept and what effect it has on our lives.” – ShabZi Madallion

Anyway, still not in belief, listen to the track in the link below and best believe it! Enjoy!