Music – Alot on My Mind By Byron Fuller

Byron Fuller is back and this time he takes us on a journey of self-discovery into his NOW.

A new set-up, new direction, yet still doing what he is known for  – Really great poetry in sound and a banging beat to match. This young and deep soul only spits truth, which makes us all swoon with excitement for the brand new single, Alot On My Mind.

The cool thing is that we get to go with him as he navigates his path and be bitten by the Byron Fuller bug (which catches us every time!)

We were very curious to know how he created the music and he was very eager to let us in…

This song was a natural progression after my mixtape, Perspective, was released. The purpose was to act as a soft recap directly linked to my emotions duly attached to events, which have occurred post Perspective. 

The sound is slightly different to what my fans have come to know and appreciate; however the lyrical content has not changed.Its slightly more trappy than usual but my flow and punchlines mix well with the trap sound.

Listen and download right here!