Mixtape – New Pragma By Kerwyn

New Pragma was inspired listening to a lot of RnB and hiphop from the early 2000s. I always thought “Damn the next generation won’t have this kind of music” in the sense that it was about love. And hiphop always brought special or memorable moments to RnB.
It made love seem cool and that was the main element in this project.
It’s a colorful mixtape with a lot of different sounds for everybody to enjoy.
It’s a tape that has samples from Keith Sweat, Marques Houston, Johnny Cinco, Jerry Folk, Jullian Gomes and Janet Jackson amongst others.
At least 70% of the beats were produced by himself and it really helped him mould a tape that was unique and my own.
The sounds were inspired by a lot of different artists he likes. I always try to do music I like and not music that’s trending.
I also studied a lot of the greats. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Pharrell, Mase and P. Diddy are my favorites and I turned to their music whenever I needed some inspiration.
Stream below