Man Crush Monday: TWEEZY

We chatted to one of SA’s finest producers right now, having worked with artist such as AKA – think Run Jozi – Yes he is that guy! Many other award nominated and award winning artist have crossed paths with this music genius and chatting to him, we see why…

Today we not only honour him for being totally dope but we can’t hide the fact that he has all of these appeals, including a great artist in his own right. All of these achievements and pure hard work make him fascinating and so without a doubt he is our Man Crush this Monday #MCM

We are fascinated by your social media engagement (Twitter) What’s your strat? How do you keep the composure and control?

A: There’s no strategy behind it. I just interact with fans as if they are my day to day friends. It shows appreciation and general interest of knowing your supporters. We as artists need to appreciate them because they are the reason why we succeed in most of what we do as musicians. As far as composure, I always make sure I’m never saying anything that gets me in trouble with brands, potential investments as well as those fans. Focusing on those three aspects keep me composed.

You seem quite ambitious, yet chilled – What drives you?

A: One of my greatest ambitions is to inspire young people that see me as a role model, especially the ones from underprivileged circumstances and those that battle with self-esteem issues or bullying. I want to be an example to them, show them that through God and a positive mindset you can be anything that you want to be.

They say healthy body, healthy mind – Do you agree?

A: Yes I do. Managing to take care of your body means you could manage to make the right decisions that impact your attitude and drive to achieve great things.


Other than music, if you had some down time, what would you be doing?

A: I’d be designing some clothes, watching some documentaries based on my role models or chilling with my family; these things bring me peace and inspiration.

Tell us about #Flexin  – How did that collab even come into existence? #TooLitForLife

A: It was such a lit experience! DJ Sliqe and I were working on his album “Injayam Vol. 1” and we invited Zingah (Formally known as Smashis) as well as Stilo Magolide to make a song of a beat Wichi 1080 and I created.

Are you a romantic?

A: Lol… I’m a Scorpio so I think I’m quite The Romantic.

What’s your finest character trait?

A: I would say forgiveness, humility and being faithful in all aspects.

It is true, we have totally been inspired by our choice of #MCM and can’t wait to see what else he has in store for 2017. Well done, Tweezy:)