Mabala Noise Reduces The Volume On Julius Malema Claims – Or Have They?

It seems the management team from Mabala Noise felt the need to shut down some ongoing chatter surrounding the recent record deals made with the likes of Nasty C, Riky Rick, and Major League DJs, to mention a few.
These previously independent artists have just recently signed deals with the record label in question for an undisclosed amount and this created some conversation regarding the funding and where it stems from. Julius Malema then put it on blast that the ANC was funding this project and that each artist signed, were getting in excess of around R5 million! Yes, you heard it, 5 mil!
The buzz spread quickly and basically like wildfire since one of the owners of Mabala Noise is, in fact, the new Treasure General, Reggie Nkabinde for the ANC Youth League – Naturally this was now the topic of discussion, causing the EFF leader to make it known that the deals were all that of ANC funding.
A press conference held by the management team for Mabala Noise addressed quite a few speculations which have surfaced.
Mr. Nkabinde shut down these allegations by saying that Julius Malema has a huge problem with any black-owned brand seeking to grow and push African artist. He made it clear that since signing this A-list artist, they have been ready for these types of ridicule and will not be shaken and continue to be unstoppable.
They have also advised their artist to keep their eye on the prize by staying focused on the music and not letting distractions such as idle chit chat, get them wired.
Reggie Nkabinde made a statement saying that the allegations could be quite detrimental to the EFF leader and that “Julius grew up in jail and likes being in jail.” Haibo!
He also maintained that they were not gonna entertain him by dwelling on the matter and instead sought legal advice, should he continue with the allegations.
Watch the press conference here for all the juicy details: