Kiddominant talks on the making of Davido’s hit track ‘FALL’, Loud Music Production tour & more

Here at Mzansi Stream we have the privilege and greatest opportunity of meeting the hottest artists in their genre but the hottest producers on the continent as well. We recently sat down with Nigerian record producer and DJ, Ayoola Oladapo Agboola aka Kiddominant, whom we met up with in Cape Town.

Many might now be familiar with his work on a couple of Davido’s tracks including the hits ‘The Money’ & ‘Fall‘. Starting off at the age of 19, Kiddo never limited himself in the music industry; he let us know how he actually started his career by rapping, dj’ing as well as singing – his literally a walking music industry! His career escalated when he produced Orezi’s hit jam ‘Rihanna’.

Kiddo is currently based abroad and well its safe to say that afrobeats is rapidly being familiarized amongst the UK and US listeners. I mean, the style of music is essentially easy to jam to, upbeat and caters for every mood and age. Funny enough, Davido’s track ‘Fall’ has lyrics about banana and a few years ago he was on the production of Orezi’s track ‘Ogede’ – which generally and figuratively means banana as well. What we did forget to ask him is why his music seems to be about ‘bananas’ though?!

We asked what influences him as we know he is a major Timbaland and Polow Da Don fan. In terms of creating his own style and beats, he’s always been self taught and did everything on his own with no mentor. Things that mostly inspire him are places – the feeling and aura around the places he visits. Many can relate to this as different spaces give you a different view on life and a particular culture.

On another note, the Loud Music Production tour seems to be a great idea as it gives many artists and music producers an opportunity to work with him as well. He speaks about growing this tour as well and maybe just maybe, we’ll be hearing some new sounds in Mzansi produced by Kiddo (as per the snippets on his Snapchat account).

Some free advice from Kiddo – just get out there and create what you believe to be your best. He laid it down for us and basically, there’s no formula to music production, just the passion and drive!

For the full session, please tune in the link below.

Kiddo, Kiddominant was in the building!