K.O twitter rant

True or False: Are artists always pinning & justifying their mediocrity with old news instead of being frank & letting fans know when they have simply lost inspiration?

We all know what social media does to individuals emotionally and mentally; most times causing people to doubt themselves and do a lot of introspection. This, however, includes artists, as they use the social media platforms as a way of getting to know their fans; what people are saying about their music, as well as noting all the hatred and slamming of their careers. The music industry is simply the noisiest because everyone literally has a say on what we want to hear on their radios, TV channels and of course their playlists.

Yesterday, K.O. took to the Twitter streets to merely disclose his thoughts on the negativity around him as a brand and how it has affected his music. He also says he been told to alter his sound, maybe try something different. As listeners, these tweets could simply be interpreted differently and many have commented and said that it might be the hype of other artists’ albums which have made him push back his own. He also says he’ll be reworking everything, retouching the tracks in order to give his fans something which best suits his calibre.

When artists are being criticized it is mostly to help them better their music, especially when it’s germane and coming from their actual target market. Question is, why do these artists insensately respond to commentary, especially when they know it’s not true? Again, if it does affect your sound, why not produce a mixtape which your fans will then explicitly dismiss as inadequate?

With all of that said, as listeners, we also need to brush away from involving these artists’ personal lives in their careers, they’re human too. Good luck to K.O. with the reproduction of his album, we can’t wait to be part of the process as he documents it. Check tweets below.