K.O. Introspects But Later It Turns Into An Obnoxious Twitter Feud

A few days ago South African rapper K.O. tweeted about supporting locals acts and being 100% South African no matter the location, language or talent. He goes on about remaining true to our South African roots and identity even when artists are trying to make it on the international platform. He has introspected himself and admits that he too hasn’t been much of a saint when it comes to delivering standard work to South African Hip-Hop fans. But it all goes bad when unhappy tweeps attack him about supposingly not supporting any new acts and being one of the artists that started this “division” in SA Hip-Hop. Was he happy about this? Of course not as he wrathly responded to these allegations today. He claims it was never his intention to beef or attack anyone and that ignorant tweeps should merely keep their comments to themselves and should rather “read the question“. Remarks such as “miss me with your generalization” were utterd by the rapper. In his last response you could tell that the rapper was emotionally offended by the feud.