Gigi LaMayne & Little Simz Explore The Music Vibe In The Streets Of Johannesburg

South African female Hip-Hop artist Gigi LaMayne and British based female Hip-Hop artist Little Simz take on the streets of Johannesburg as part of the Nandos Music Exchange programme. It’s not the first time that Simz visits the country but this time she believes that it was somehow different yet magical, and made her realize that the more she was traveling she actually did not know much about the place. She met up with LaMayne in her hometown as she uncovered how she began her music career in Johannesburg. The two moved around the city including places like downtown Braamfontein, the creative hub and heart of the music scene in Johannesburg; where they ventured into cypher corners and markets where like-minded artists usually spend their time after hours. They compared and shared their cultural factors, influences and experiences of being in a male dominated business and share how it is “complicated for the woman” in the business. Simz describes her experience as “unexplainable but surreal” and realizes that music is what connects us all no matter where one is. The video documents the road trip to Oppikoppi, an annual music festival, where Simz was going perform. The film is part of Nandos initiative to exchange musical experiences between the UK and South Africa. Music has a become a reflection of many artists reality and though these female artists reside in completely different states, they remain the same but different. Big ups to Gigi LaMayne, we see you!