Gigi Lamayne Launches “GigiGoesGold”

Gigi Lamayne has been thrilling us with her sick rhymes and her flamboyant presence. This time we are inspired by her “GigiGoesGold” campaign.

The initiative is a testament to the so called “Gold” status in and around hip-hop circles with albums sales for female hip-hop artist not reaching this level of success. Her debut album is called iGenesis and she uses this to advocate the fact that she wants to reach this achievement; thus opening doors for other female hip-hop artist to aspire to the same achievement and more.

“#GigiGoesGold is really about me cementing a space for myself in South African history in one of many ways. Apart from many other endeavours, I am aiming for Gold as the first female in Hip Hop in South Africa. Only my supporters can help me make this happen” expresses Gigi Lamayne.

Over the next few months, fans can keep track of Gigi Lamayne’s album sales with a tracker on her website ( and on her social media banners as she tours the country with her #GigiGoesGold album tour and selling CDs along the way.