Exclusive One-On-One with KLY

It’s all about your attitude and your work ethic, which determines your journey – Siyabonga Mkhize aka KLY, has this down and dare we say, it’s paying off.

We chatted to the oh-so-fascinating singer/songwriter and producer about his sound, creativity and how he stays true to his art.

MS: We know that every day is different but tell us who KLY is right now?

KLY: I am an R&B artist, singer/songwriter, producer and an African RnB King, in the making.

MS: How do you start your morning – Any morning rituals?

KLY: I actually wake up and play music to get myself pumped for the day ahead.

MS: Describe your sound?

KLY: My sound is growing; I’m always finding ways to innovate it. Right now my sound is RnB/Soul fused with Trap, a sprinkle of Afro/Dancehall and EDM.



MS: In that same vein, describe KLYMAX (which we cannot get enough of by the way)

KLY: Thank you! KLYMAX was more “trap soul” but now I want to grow my sound, mix different genres but still keep the base as RnB.

MS: If you could be anywhere in the world this moment, where would it be and why?

KLY: I’d love to go to London for the scenery and just be immersed in a different vibe for music making purposes… or Miami – strictly for the women!

MS: Being in the public eye, and most likely always around women, how do you
keep the balance and keep the female fans in check?

KLY: I’m always focused, and because I have clear goals to reach, nothing can distract me. Hence the reason I’m always working.
Lol – My female fans are pretty chilled…


MS: If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?

KLY: I can’t imagine myself not doing music, but I think I’d want to be a racecar driver – I love cars!

MS: What is your birth name, where did you grow up and what was it like growing up?

KLY: My birth name is Siyabonga Mkhize.
I was born in KZN, spent my Childhood in Klaarwater, then moved to Gauteng when I was 9-years old and I’ve been in Midrand ever since.

MS: Superman or Batman?

KLY: Batman! I like the all black swag.

MS: Bugatti, Bentley or Benz?

KLY: Bugatti


MS: Any guilty pleasures?

KLY: If I told you I’d have to kill you… LOL, I don’t really have any.

MS: In 5 points, tell us what your strengths are?

KLY: I’m a creative, I’m flexible, have crazy instincts, can learn things quite easily, and I’m a go-getter.

MS: What makes you tick – inspires you to be better, ignites you to make your best music?

KLY: Real life experiences.