Exclusive Interview With The Flying DuTcH

Refreshing and innovative, these are the kind of musical geniuses who should be called artist since they envision what is good for them and then hustle hard towards that end goal.

DuTcH is the man of the moment at MS HQ and we recognize the best of the best in music production. Chatting to this guy, it is clear to see, he is dope!

He speaks about the origin of his stage name and the love/hate relationship he has with it. Predominantly a Hip-Hop producer, the experimentation process also consists of trap, dub house, deep house, electronic all infused.

DuTcH has an array of musical influences and speaks about the inspiration from his dad, his friends and the atmosphere around him. He speaks with a quiet confidence about the balancing act one has to do in life and how the general industry struggles just become part of the bigger picture in his commitment to music.

We love the way he speaks about being patient thus perfecting one’s craft and how the relation of what you do and how you do it attaches itself to the brand you become.

The positive flow and intelligent disposition from this producer give us goosebumps as there is a vibe that says – I am here and here to stay.

Don’t go anywhere, watch to the full interview and be blown away!