Ep – A By Lmass

Popular belief says that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck, Lmass took it upon himself to disprove this theory. He released his first project on the 13th of January. The title of the project is A. His reason behind naming it A is because this is the beginning of great things from him and his way into the commercial music scene. Not only that but it also represents where he is from, Adams Mission. Robin Thirdfloor mentioned this in the Jimbos skit (also in the EP) that this is the beginning of great things.

A” is a true reflection of Lmass as an artist and Eniigma as a producer, as it showcases his versatility as an artist and producer. No two tracks are alike in the project and some even touch base in other genres without losing the classic hip hop feel to it. A is a story telling project about how Lmass is going to become a household name. There are three songs that have been creating a lot of buzz off A. the three being Broke in Florida, Blowing up and Bazogcwala.

Bazogcwala is the main song in the project. As it speaks about how people are sleeping on Lmass but because his work speaks for him, they will know about him very soon.  The song is a sum up to his come up. The main purpose for the song is to introduce his come up as it warns people that he has something to show for his work and it has been a long time coming.

Staying true to the fact that he is representing his hometown, he mentions Adams Mission in his songs. He wants Adams Mission to be recognised for the talent that it holds and the fact that it is the place of birth of his music career.
A was initially released for his fans has he has been wanting to release a project, and A was also set to showcase his versatility. Due to the response that he has had to the project, he decided to publicize it and make it the mark to the beginning of his commercial come up.
The project is self-produced to truly show off his versatility and his refusal to be boxed up into a certain category.

A - Back Cover