EP – 2 Kings By Chizzy x Snouuman

George based record label, Gated Community Music Group has officially released yet another joint EP & this time Chizzy hits the studio with fellow neighbour, Snouuman. The two came together to produce about six tracks under the EP titled ‘2 Kings‘.

Honestly, we didn’t expect so much heat from these fellas, surprisingly we enjoyed the whole production and instrumentals on each and every track. Each track had its own idea and background to it; with every beat being backed up by lyrical content which blended the dynamics of the entire project. We know Chizzy’s sound, laid back but straight to the point. On the other end, we have Snouuman who continues rhyme and synchronize his lyrics to the beat, creating a vibe.

Tracks such as Switching and Confident are tracks we generally enjoyed because of the freshness and contrast they added to the other tracks. Hot instrumentals on Naive and More/Hesitation which engaged pretty well with Still Part 2, as the leading track on the EP. Through this project we hear and get a hang of the growth in sound and content of both artists. As fairly new artists, we witness amazing work ethics in terms of production and the crowd they’re addressing. Young, wild and free – the vocal approach we get on Sexual Tension leaves us wondering, almost surprised, as to why we didn’t get more of it throughout the EP?!!

All in all, its a nice project with geat sound – unique and definitely a great approach to allowing the listener to get to the know the artist a bit better. Shout out to GC, you guys are heading in the right direction!


2 Kings Tracklist