Burna Boy Unconsciously Strikes DJ Lambo On Stage

So over the past weekend, Burna Boy took it upon himself to lash out at a DJ whilst trying to perform on stage. The reggaeton artist supposedly did not know that the very DJ he ignorantly reproached was DJ Lambo, which many would recall as MI’s personal DJ. Was it necessary for the singer to attack the DJ’s mixing skills?

DJ Neptune, ‘Marry‘ hitmaker, was also at the event and we wonder how he as a DJ would have felt if it were him on the decks at the time. Nonetheless, is this the type of behaviour artists are endeavouring towards? Attacking the very DJ’s who air and play their songs? We don’t know.

I don’t know what the f*ck the DJ is doing, if you know say you no sabi play, just off am, we go do church here. “

Translated : “Say you don’t understand or know how to play; nonetheless just turn it off, we’ll take it to church.”

This commenting followed with the crowd literally taking it to church as the crowd clapped along to his next jam. Hmm, we never experit it.