Braiding Away In Vanessa Matsena’s Brisk Element

In today’s world, Instagram has created this ‘lifestyle’ appeal, drawing people into the extravagant lives of #Slaying individuals. We come across young, trendy women who share parts of their life, eliciting the feeling of admiration and envy in their followers.


Photo Credit: @vanessamatsena

This week we pounce on the life of 20-something year old Marketing and Communications, Advertising and Brand Leadership graduate, Vanessa Matsena who we describe as one of the Ministers of this Fleeking Government called Instagram. Vibrant and young, she has certainly created an idea of a desired lifestyle, just by sharing her fashion, health and travel snaps.


Photo Credit: @vanessamatsena

Have you ever wondered how many meal pictures these ladies take just to get the perfect one? Wait… do they even finish the food they snap so intensely, and are the meals actually enjoyable? Nobody actually knows, but everyone still double-taps, only wishing that they could indulge as well. But just as you’ve gotten over your food-envy, the same person posts a photo of their perfect ‘yes I can afford to eat that not because I have the funds, but because I go to gym’ physique. Now isn’t that a literal face beat?

Having asked so much, we do know that unlike your typical bloggers; white background and swaggering freebies, using her blog [], Vanessa takes us through her life of travel, food & fitness and fashion style which emulates her personality. The three main fixations we have about her are the ever-changing hairstyles, staggering body and up-to-the-minute, voguish fashion flair. She oozes urbanity whether she is in her extremely ripped boyfriend denims paired with a crop top and Tod’s or Jordan’s; bandage skirts and fur throws; Steve Madden heels matched with caps and Diesel sweaters; sporty Calvin Klein and Adidas casual looks; sexy cut-out paneled dresses and even her amazing range of swim wear.


Photo Credit: @vanessamatsena

If she isn’t stepping out of the most expensive toys in New York for retail therapy sessions; going to NBA finals in Cleveland; enjoying the healthiest yummy eats in China or Miami; at sea in Bali or snapping her view at the Ellerman House in Bantry Bay, she is #melaninpopping, #slaying her big braided buns, faux dreadlocks, or long, sleek cornrows.


Photo Credit: @vanessamatsena

In terms of travel, fashion, fitness and health, our Mzansi Baller Of The Week, Vanessa Matsena will continue defining her seemingly perfect and desired lifestyle – even if she’s not doing it to please you. We hate to be the one bragging for her, but she has a smile of a baller, lifestyle of an adventurer, and is certainly delineating the best version of herself, In Her Element. Note to self.

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