Bidding the highest seat of cool on the Mzansi candlestick with the man of flow, Mr Jabulani Ngcobo

Remember the theme song that’s reminiscent to ‘The Apprentice’? It goes something like this: “Money, money, money, money, money!”. While you’re still jamming that in your head, brace yourself as we cash in on the life of Forex Trader, Mr Be Happy himself; Jabulani Ngcobo (@cashflowngcobo), our Baller Of The Week. His name says it all! As a father of three, this man is not short of anything when it comes to family, happiness and of course zeros.

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Photo Credit: @cashflowngcobo

If you’re unsure, we’ll save you from searching the Internet definition of Foreign Exchange Trading and conclude it as the trading of currencies; a trending money-making business that is rapidly growing in Mzansi. Over and above his Forex Trading skill, @cashflowngcobo is said to be a motivational speaker. We’re starting to think every baller today is finding some way of “empowering youth”, but as we all know, social responsibility is never a bad thing. We imagine him as a show stopper before giving his speeches; arriving at the venue in either one of his BMW’s including the i8, M4, M3 or X6, Panda! Okay, maybe not all are his, but he’s part of the BMW fan club for sure. Poor Porsche probably feels left out, all cleaned up in the garage, but it too has had its fair share of paparazzi when school kids are snapping away seeing it in the streets of Joburg.

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Photo Credit: @cashflowngcobo

Mr Leverage spends time grocery shopping with his kids who probably get anything they want because daddy can provide; and kinging on his royalty couches at home while wearing a pair of what resembles Christian Louboutin studded shoes. He goes from attending events in subtle monochrome styled tailored suits (expensive taste indeed); to quote: “when you’re about to bless someone” donning white double breasted suits. He enjoys dancing the winter away at home near his fireplace or chilling with fellow stylish business friends who certainly are trend setters, with referral to the yellow shoelaces which match the Happy Socks. Perhaps he could start his own sock line called Jabulani Socks, we joke. We’re not sure how many suits Mr Ngcobo has all together, but perhaps it could account to a couple years of a blessee’s rent.

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Photo Credit: @cashflowngcobo

From trips to Namibia and Botswana for business because the Cash Flow Team squad goals are never-ending; to styling at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks wearing trendy denim dungarees, this man does live a lavish life indeed. Hold on… is the reason you’re not seeing the future like this opulent gentleman the mere fact that you do not own Louis Vuitton sunglasses? But again, never trust what you can only see, even salt looks like sugar.

We haven’t seen the flaws of being a Forex Trader, but we can certainly see that it revamps your garage with swanky sports cars and keeps your home happy. Not only is @cashflowngcobo’s environment and surroundings impressive, but he too is living his affluent lifestyle stylishly. Be sure to get some tips from him, who knows you might be the next big trader; let’s achieve our blesser goals now shall we.

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