B3nchMarQ On Top

We were extremely lucky to get this South African Hip-Hop duo to sit down with us for a couple of minutes, amidst their insane schedule.

They were chilled and more than ready to answer our questions, so this gave us an opportunity to delve into various aspects of what they do and how they balance it all out.

TK Mathiba and PJ Mataboge are sound engineers who wanted to dabble in musicianship and dare we say, they definitely got the right mix, flavour and sound.

The guys believe that the secret to their success is how they use their different experiences to bring their various sound. Their love for music stems from the older generation and cemented the path for what they would like to achieve. On speaking about the artist they’d love to collaborate with, they made it very clear that right now it’s about perfecting the B3nchMarQ sound and everything else will fall back later.

Watch us get intimate with the boys from B3nchMarQ right here, right now: