Album – Fear God Not Men By Bergie Fresh

Fear God Not Men is an Authentic Master Piece, the journey of a kid that choose to act on his Dreams the prolific rapper who went from waiter kid to Hood Rockstar…Shinning on CokeStudiosZA to Mr Kappa working with a couple of his role models to Dropping his Debut album independently with features from South Africa to the boarders of Nigeria.

Bergie Fresh puts his Debut album up for Free and asks that people Please Share and that he’ll be Doing his 1st One man Show this Summer.
Explicit high Voltage Beams to help fight the darkness, fighting for his and through his a lot have found sight to they own paths, inspiring the kids like himself Bergie Fresh makes it clear that the only Fear you should have is of God and not the opinions of men cause those are the biggest Dream killers.
Featured Artists @kidxSA @marazamc @emmgeettl @Blackahranks @fash_Ngobese @priddy_ugly @theo_taban
thirsty interlude ( @siviwe_lutseke @tafire_deli )
Executive Producer :International acclaimed  producer @xSipping. With Contributing Production by @youngkBeats_22 @Aubreeland
Art Work Design by @Caldohits. Stream and download album below.