AKA & Laylizzy Bring Down the House in Maputo

The hitmaker from Mozambique, Laylizzy, made all things come to life in his collaboration with SA’s own Super Mega AKA.
AKA was invited to Maputo as a surprise act to perform with Laylizzy on their track called “Hello” which is blowing up across Africa.

Dumskie: Show de Agosto is one of the biggest annual hip-hop concerts in Maputo curated by the co-founders of Sameblood Studios in Mozambique, superstar, Laylizzy and producer, Ellputo.
The 2 Hip-Hop stars also performed at the 2016 Maputo Hip Hop Experience.

So exciting to see 2 of Africa’s sons in collaboration and this is definitely a huge one! We are sure the whole of Africa waits with baited breath for the video which will launch on Friday 09.09.2016. The superstars will celebrate this with a performance at Harem Nightclub in Rosebank, Johannesburg.